Soffit and Fascia is Important to the Structure of Your Roof

Soffit Keeps The Water Out of Your Home, So Your Family Stays Dry

Do you want the structure of your house to last? You need to ensure that your entire roof is healthy. The soffit is the joining material between the side of your house, and the outer edge of your roof. Soffit helps maintain your roof’s ventilation, and protects the “corners” of your house from unwanted outer elements like rain, wind sleet and snow. This component of your roof keeps your home dry and free of moisture. If your soffit is old, and you don't want moisture in your house, contact us at 403-457-2800 for a free inspection. Our team of experienced siding contractors and roof contractors can determine if your soffit needs to be replaced.

Fascia Protects the Exposed Ends of Your Rafters,
To Protect The Structure of Your Roof

If you want a healthy roof, you also need a healthy fascia. Fascia is the trim around the edge of a roof that protects the exposed ends of your rafters. Fascia and Soffit work together to protect your home from extreme weathers, and to improve roof ventilation. Both are necessary components of a healthy roof.

Fascia and Soffit are Important to the Structure of Your Home

Most homeowners do not understand the importance of updated fascia and soffit on your home. Fascia and Soffit work together with your roof and siding to keep the outside weather out, and your home feeling comfortable. If your home has worn or damaged soffit and fascia, moisture and water damage can warp the structure of your walls, and damage the insulation in your house siding.

Asonic Roofing's Trained Contractors Install Soffit and Fascia

Asonic Roofing Offers a Few Material Options,
And Can Help You Choose What is Best For Your Home

Fascia and Soffit on a home are typically built from wood or aluminum materials. However, we’ve seen a recent influx in synthetic and composite materials. Newer materials provide added protection against unwanted natural elements, like rain and snow. Fascia and Soffit made from vinyl, or eco-friendly recycled materials are becoming increasingly more popular. Our team of roofing contractors and siding contractors can help you decide which materials work best with your roof and house siding.

Asonic Roofing's Experienced Contractors Expertly Install Fascia and Soffit

Our experienced team of roofing contractors can walk you through your roof replacement, including all of the necessary components. When we start a job, we finish it as quickly and efficiently as possible. We don’t leave any job unfinished. We guarantee that you will love the look of your home!