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The roof of a home or business is one of the most vital parts of the structure, as it is the first thing that rain or hail will hit. It is important to keep your roof in great shape in order to protect the structure underneath, including your walls, floors and electricity. Water damage can be a costly repair, and the damage done to your health is irreversible. At times roofs will become damaged for a variety of reasons such as weather or general wear and tear. It is important to find a company that is insured and guarantees their work to fix any of the issues that may arise with your roof over time. Replacing your roof in a timely manner saves your wallet and protects yours and your family's health!

If your roof needs to be repaired or replaced in Calgary or any of the other surrounding areas, give us a call today. We have been in business for ten years and offer quality work at an affordable price. We are happy to come out and look at your roof and provide you with a free estimate on your Calgary roof repair. Our company is fully insured and offers inspections and a full warranty on all of the work that we do.

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Calgary Roof Replacement  

Does your asphalt shingle roof need to be replaced? Are you unsure whether or not it needs to be replaced? Some of the following are signs that you may need to consider roof replacement:

BARE SPOTS – The protective granular surface of shingles wears off as the asphalt, into which the granules are embedded, begins to harden over time. Bare spots are often accompanied by fine fissures on the shingles’ surface and by the accumulation of granules in the gutters.

CURLING – The upward curling of shingle tabs makes them highly susceptible to wind and ice damage.

BROKEN SHINGLES – Damage can be caused by extreme wind conditions. Since shingles are supposed to shed water, broken, torn or missing tabs become entry points for water, especially on low slope roofs where run-off is slower and at the peaks of the roof where shingles are the most vulnerable to high winds.

CLAWING – This is the curling under of the shingle tab’s bottom edge and is part of the normal aging process of shingles. The bulge created is susceptible to substantial damage by wind, hail and ice.

FLASHING – Many problems occur at the flashings around vents and chimneys, and along walls and valleys. Problems in these areas are normally not visible to the untrained eye, but they are always likely candidates if you have a leak.

If you need a roof replacement or you just want to find out what condition your roof is in, give us a call. Our roofing specialists will be glad to help you.

Roofing Installation Process

  • Remove and haul away old roofing material
  • Remove and replace wood rot @ 2.50 per sq ft as required
  • Supply and install new metal drip edge
  • Supply and install ice & water shield to the first 3 feet from the eaves and the full valley supply
  • Install 15 feet of felt to the entire roof deck
  • Supply and install new metal valley
  • Supply and install step-flashing to chimneys and skylights as required
  • Supply and install new plumbing collars and goosenecks
  • Supply and install new vents
  • Supply and install quality fiberglass shingles
  • Full site and yard clean-up including magnetic rake
  • Discuss fully transferable 10 year workmanship and labour warranty