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6 Tips to Avoid Attic Rain


What is Attic Rain and Why are Newer Homes More Susceptible to it? 

Have you ever seen tennis-ball shaped water stains on your ceiling? Is it frozen pipes? A leaky toilet?  You might be experiencing a phenomenon called ‘attic rain’.

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DIY Roof Replacement Vs. Professional Roof Replacement

billionphotos-1056863Should You Hire a Contractor to do Your Roof Replacement or do it Yourself?

When it comes time to replace or repair your roof you have two options available. You can either hire a skilled contractor or you can go the cheaper route and work on the roofyourself, but do you really think you should? Although fixing your own roof may appeal to you for the lower cost, it could end up costing you even more money in the end.


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How Does Insulation Work?

Roof Insulation 

Roof Insulation is one of the Most Effective Ways to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home and Save Energy While Doing so!

So how does roof insulation work exactly? Well you see, air is a poor conductor of heat and therefore insulation prevents cold air from entering your home, as well as maintain the warm air inside. The tiny pockets of air get trapped in between the insulation and keep your house warm when the weather starts to get cold.

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How Can You Prepare For A Hailstorm?

billionphotos-1080948How Can You Prepare For A Hailstorm?

Hailstorms can come out of nowhere – like that one in early July – leaving you feeling unprepared and worried about potential damage. They may be short-lived, but they can wreak havoc on homes, vehicles and landscaping. And while there is usually not much we can do once the storm has started, there are proactive measures that you can take to help minimize the risk of damage from these surprise storms. The most important thing to remember is to stay out of the storm. Even if you left a window down in the car, it’s not worth the risk of getting hit and injured by the hail.

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What Happens to Used Shingles

billionphotos-1056873What Happens To Used Shingles?

The crew at Asonic sometimes completes two or three roofs in one day. That’s a lot of shingles being torn off! It has been estimated that in Calgary alone, over 2500 new roofs are installed. With the average roof replacement generating around 5000 pounds of waste, that is more than 9 million tonnes of unusable roofing material.

Regardless of whether or not you are an eco-friendly activist, it’s easy to see how roofing can impact the environment if the waste is not properly taken care of. If all of this waste ended up in the landfill, not only would it take up a huge amount of space, it would also lead to harmful emissions and chemical leaking.

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How Storms Can Affect Your Roof

lightning strike

How Storms Can Affect Your Roof

During a storm, your roof is the first thing that protects your home from the elements. Most people know that extreme weather conditions may damage your roof, but did you know that damage to the structure of your roof can be unnoticeable when it happens gradually? If you don’t inspect your roof regularly, there are multiple elements that may have already damaged your roof in ways you haven't noticed.


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How to Remove Algae from Your Roofing

roof shingles

How To Remove Algae From Your Roofing


On the parts of your roof that don’t get much sunlight, algae can begin to form on the shingles. Often mistaken for mold, algae on shingles appears as black streaks. Algae on your roof shingles doesn’t just discolor them—it can also damage them over time. If left to progress, algae can eat away at the materials in your shingles, causing deterioration of your roof. Luckily, cleaning algae from your shingles is a fairly simple process. There are a couple of options to consider if you want to rid your roof of algae marks.

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The Importance Of Ventilation

asonic roofing 6

Did you know your roof can "suffocate" if not vented properly?

Though it may not seem like it from down on the ground, your roof is a structure that requires breath, similar to our lungs. This means that there must be an adequate amount of air flowing in and out of your roof, or it will “suffocate” and cause many issues. Unfortunately, the importance of ventilation within our roofs is a component often overlooked by many roofing companies. This leads to excess moisture within the attic and damages the roofing material and structure. Inadequate ventilation in your attic can lead to various problems:

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How do you know when your roof is leaking?

billionphotos-2835304Rook Leaks: Signs to Look For

Before water starts dripping into your home, there are a few different things you can look for to protect your home’s structure, without climbing up on your roof.

     1.     Excess Shingle Granules

Worn out shingles will shed black granules into your eavestrough and gutters, and may leave bare spots on your roof that are noticeable from the ground.

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How to Select a Roofing Contractor

rsz_billionphotos-2851620How to Select a Roofing Contractor

The roof is one of the most important parts of any property and without a good quality roof, you will be compromising everything from your home’s safety to its energy efficiency. If you need roofing work done then, it’s crucial that you get the right professional for the job.

In Calgary, AB it seems as if there’s many roofing contractors throughout the city that setup over night. This can make it difficult to trust and select a reputable company that offers a great service.

Follow these three easy steps and you can be sure that the person you end up hiring is qualified, experienced and

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